Reindeer get fit for the big flight

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WHOOPS! Just as my red Chistmas Eve suit is starting to fit better, it seems someone else has been over-indulging...

My elf Petie, who looks after the reindeer, came to see me as he was a bit worried by how big some of them were getting.

They haven’t done much flying over the summer and have got out of shape, but I need them fit to pull my sleigh on Saturday night. Petie has got them on an exercise regime now to get them all ready for their big Christmas Eve fly.

At 9 o’clock this morning we got them out of the stables for some flying exercises. Luckily Rudloph’s cold is much better and he came out to lead the troop, with his red nose shining brightly!

Each of the elves paired up with a reindeer and I walked down the line, blowing a little magical dust onto each of them, until they rose gently into the air, with big smiles on their faces. They do love to fly and it’s quite a treat. The elves jumped on the reindeers’ backs and they were off! They raced through the skies, circling right up to the clock at the top of Santa’s workshop, over the top of the stables, skipping over the roofs of the elves’ houses and swooping back down over the home of Mrs Claus and me. It was a thrilling race and Mrs Claus clapped wildly as my littlest elf Lucy crossed the finish line first on the back of Comet. What a fun way to exercise!

See you all in five sleeps...

Love, Santa x