Register your valuables to have them back

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‘If you love it, log it’ is the message from police in Doncaster, who are keen to reunite stolen property with its rightful owners.

Police are continually recovering stolen property in raids, secondhand dealer checks or when criminals are arrested, but often it is difficult to give it back to owners as the serial number has not been logged. is the world’s largest free register of ownership details, with a database linked directly to police systems, so when officers recover any property they can check it against items logged on Immobilise.

Any item can be registered on Immobilise. The easiest items to log are electrical, or anything that has a serial number, but you can even log jewellery or ornamental items using the photo upload and description functions. You can register as many items as you like, and then if they are lost or stolen you simply log back on to register them as such.

Insp Amanda Hunter said: ‘I would encourage everybody to register their items on Immobilise. Not only does it make items easier to identify it also makes the property less attractive to thieves.

“We are doing everything we can to crack down on thefts in Doncaster, but need your help to ensure recovered stolen property is reunited with it’s rightful owner. The message is ‘If you love it, log it’.”

n Visit to find out about Immobilise and to register property.