Refurbishment won’t stop the Moor from dying

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I’ve never been a market fan, but because we like Turners breadcakes, my wife takes me into the new market.

What a terrible place it is.

Gone is the friendly atmosphere of Castle Market and Fish Market, the stallholders are silent, you can’t hear anybody shouting out their products “Come on love, apples 70p a pound, fresh cod, it was swimming yesterday.”

The banter between stallholders seems to have gone and the rules imposed upon them by the council hark back to the middle ages.

They are not allowed to finish when they want, like they did in Castle Market, they have to stay open until 5pm. I thought independent traders chose their own hours.

The whole layout looks like a child’s play set. I’m afraid it’s a very poor imitation of a real market.

We’ve now lost four real markets in town, the Rag ’n’ Tag, the Castle Market, the Fish Market and the lovely Norfolk Market Hall. I know the Castle Market was in a bad state but who do you blame for that?

Other towns and cities repair and restore their old Victorian Market Halls but what did the Labour council of the time decide to do? They knocked it down and sold the land to Woolworths.

Now they have cut off the lifeblood from one area to revitalise another.

No matter what is done the Moor is dying and refurbishment is too late. The decline started when traffic was stopped from running down the Moor on to London Road.

Vin Malone