Refugees offered support in Sheffield

Maureen Greaves at the High Green food bank
Maureen Greaves at the High Green food bank
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Volunteers involved in a community project helping Sheffield’s needy have written to the Prime Minister offering to support refugees.

St Saviour’s Community Project in High Green, which runs a foodbank, a job club, a savings and loan project and a shop selling pre-owned clothes, household goods and children’s toys and equipment, is offering to support any refugees who may be placed in Sheffield.

Members have written to Prime Minister David Cameron to offer support.

In his letter, Simon Bessant, vicar and chairman of St Saviour’s Community Project, wrote: “This community struggles with poverty and deprivation, living at the far edge of a post-industrial city. Nevertheless, the people have warm Yorkshire hearts and have been deeply moved in recent days by the ongoing refugee crisis that is affecting the Middle East, and increasingly, Europe.

“Whilst recognising that the situation is very complex and that there are no easy answers to the issues that you and other world leaders are struggling with, we do feel that we need to be ready to offer practical support to any refugees that eventually find themselves arriving in north Sheffield.

“I believe that we are in a good position to offer significant support to refugees arriving in our area. Of course we are not in a position to provide housing, but we can offer food, meals, clothing, household goods, children’s toys as well as a warm Yorkshire welcome.”

Maureen Greaves, leader of the project, said: ““Like many people we have been appalled at the plight of so many refugees trying to find safety as they escape from a war zone.

“It’s not enough just to look at the television and feel sad, we want to offer practical help and I believe that there are many people in our community who will rally round to help with this and offer a warm Yorkshire welcome.”