Refugees are welcome here

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So ‘Cameron’ Eckington (When are the Eskimos coming? Star letters Tuesday, July 28, 2015), doesn’t even give us his second name. Not surprising as I would be embarrassed as being identified as holding such odious views.

His letter is full of misinformation and prejudice.

Refugees do not come to the UK to claim benefits, most are unaware there are any and they come here to feel safe and because our country is world famous for being a safe haven.

Most live in poverty and experience poor health and hunger; almost all are not allowed to work and are forced to rely on as little as £5 per day; they do not jump queues for Council Housing and can’t chose where they live. The accommodation given to them is not funded by the council and is often ‘hard to let’.

And no, I didn’t make up these facts – they are freely available on the Refugee Council website and are backed often by references to research and parliamentary briefings.

Whether refugees or Muslim, Christian, other or no faith is irrelevant as they are human beings.

I’m not a native of this city – I came to work – but I don’t stand out being white. This city should be proud of welcoming refugees from war- torn parts of the globe – wars our leaders often directly or indirectly started.

Refugees are welcome here.

Tom Machell

Nether Edge Road, S7