REFUGEE DEBATE: Star readers have their say on the migrant crisis and the rehoming of Syrian families in Sheffield

The ongoing refugee crisis has provoked much debate among Star readers
The ongoing refugee crisis has provoked much debate among Star readers
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The Star has received dozens of letters about the refugee crisis facing Europe.

Here are a selection of the reader letters sent to us on the topic.

Government’s lack of compassion over refugees makes me feel ashamed to be British

For the first time, I am feeling ashamed to be British.

It shames me to know that my Government is so reluctant to admit those fleeing from war, destruction of homes and livelihoods and the medieval savagery of a brutal enemy.

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Bring on the water cannon to tackle migrants, before our country is destroyed

The new messiah Jerry Corbyn wants to let around 15,000 tunnel invaders in just for starters.

Does this solve the problem? No it makes it worse.

Another 15,000 then another, it will be never-ending for this little island if the flood gates are opened.

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Muslim countries should help their own

There are around seven Stan countries in the world all muslim and all empty, why don’t the muslims want to help their own instead of destroying our culture?

All refugees should be made to stay in the first safe country that they come to and that’s certainly not ours.

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We cannot stand by and watch the human tragedy of the refugee crisis

I am sure you are moved by the photo of the little three year old boy lying face down on the beach in Turkey.

People here and all over our city want to help the refugees, this is the city of Sanctuary.

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What sort of Britain will our grandchildren grow up in if we let in all these migrants?

Now that Hungary has allowed thousands of immigrants to travel through to Austria and Germany, do I take it that the rule book has been thrown away?

Weren’t the Hungarians working to the book when they said genuine refugees were entitled to go into Europe, whilst economic migrants were not?

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German stupidity will result in thousands of migrants coming to the UK

Over the years I have watched some pretty stupid decisions made by the EU but non as stupid as the one made by Angella Merkel for Germany to open it’s borders and welcome all the economic migrants and let’s get this right these people are not refugees they are economic migrants.

Having reached Greece they were no longer in danger so why keep moving north west if not for economic reasons?

It is a decision the Germans and Austrians, due to the numbers coming, are very quickly regretting.

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I would take a refugee family into my home

Why is the UK not taking more refugees?

It would help if the press made the distinction clear between asylum seekers, (they are not refugees until they are granted asylum), and non asylum immigration.

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Most of these people are just economic migrants

Yet again the tide of refugees gets larger by the day. I have mixed feelings about Britain’s role in the resettlement of refugees.

At least David Cameron has taken the right step in stating that the thousands of refugees that we are to take will come from the UN camps on the Syrian border and not those who are already in Europe.

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The current high levels of migration into UK cannot be allowed to continue

There seems to have been a rash of letters of late stating that Britain has to do more to help the refugees/asylum seekers and migrants currently flooding into the country, with some of the letter writers being very clever in how they word their argument and present the statistics in favour of this invasion we are a witness to.

Last year Britain had a net migration gain of 300,000 and the population is rising exponentially due to the high birth rate of migrant families as well as ever more new arrivals.

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Will David Cameron house refugees in Dore or Totley?

There is a lot of talk about where to house the thousands more refugees ‘Posh’ Dave says we have to welcome.

What about all the large houses in Whirlow and Dore and Totley?

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Tories taking money off our vulnerable and disabled and giving it to immigrants

‘Posh’ Dave tells us all he is giving another £100 million to help immigrants, he likes to call them refugees.

He also admits that ‘thousands’ more will be handpicked and welcomed here.

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MPs are not doing enough to tackle the refugee crisis

Why are our papers who are our voices not putting more pressure on our MPs and publicly calling them out?

I sent this below letter to my Sheffield MP.

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