Refugee Day

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Today is World Refugee Day, and never can it have seen more appropriate to recognise how refugees across the world are suffering, due to war, persecution and exploitation.

From the brutalities in Syria, to the drownings in the Mediterranean Sea, to the killings of killings of Rohingya Muslims in Burma, it is clear on our TV screens every night, how serious the situation is. In this country, we have a proud tradition of providing refuge over the centuries, and in turn this country has benefited enormously from what skills, commitment and experience that refugees have brought.

This week, across the UK, there have been celebration events of all that refugees are contributing today to our society, and opportunities for local communities to better understand the reasons, why refugees will have come here in the first place.

There will be a number of events in the Yorkshire and Humber region and you will find them listed on the Northern Refugee Centre website

Please try and attend any local events and be part of what makes Yorkshire and Humber, one of the most welcoming places for people, who may have come here, often fleeing for their lives, and feel proud of what we do in the North to provide support and friendship.

Jim Steinke

Chief executive, Northern Refugee Centre