Referendum on altering clocks

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AT the end of last year, various news bulletins said that the Government were toying with the idea of dropping the six-monthly alterations of clocks and watches.

However, the latest news is they are now thinking of suggesting a two-hour alteration. Seeing as they cannot seem to make their minds up, it seems as though they should hold a referendum on this.

It all started in 1939 when we were at war with Germany. The powers-that-be said the alterations would help farmers, but many farmers disagreed with this.

In the late 1960s, we did stop the alteration for two or three years. However, somebody, somewhere, piped up and said it did not suit them, so again we reverted back to the constant fiddling of clocks and watches.

Many elderly people get confused and quite a number of people right through the UK state that if we did stop the alterations, there would be a lot less car accidents, which would be all to the good, as there are more than enough fatalities as it is.

Bernard Wilkinson, Mill Lane, Deepcar