RED NOSE DAY VIDEO: School Harlem Shake their way to cash

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DO the shake!

Youngsters and staff at Brockwell Junior School in Chesterfield have taken part in a global craze, the Harlem Shake dance, for Red Nose Day.

Staff surprised pupils by busting a move before they also took part in the infamous dance, which has taken the internet by storm in recent weeks.

By doing the Harlem Shake one person starts to dance, apparently at random, before others join in.

Dan Power, technician at the school, said: “The kids thought it was fantastic.

“They’ve all seen it on the internet and it all started a couple of weeks ago when one student suggested we could do the Harlem Shake.

“We’ve raised £482 so far but we’ve got the bake sale and stationary sale amounts to come in yet. “