Red carpet treatment?

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Could I appeal to all drivers to check the segregated cycle lane when turning left off Penistone Road?

I had a near miss this morning, (Tuesday), crossing the side road opposite Bamforth Street.

Having slowed to let one driver turn left I checked over my right shoulder, saw nobody signalling left and so set off, only to be brought up short by a horn and a screech of tyres.

I can only assume the lady concerned had either not signalled or had turned straight across from the outside lane.

At any rate my presence on the junction seemed to come as a complete surprise, but I can assure her the feeling was mutual.

There has been much good work done by Amey along this route recently, (eg removal of obstacles, moving ‘give way’ lines behind the path etc), which is to be applauded.

However, it seems that it is only really there because highway engineers would rather we didn’t use the main carriageway, in which case it should be seen as an auxiliary lane of Penistone Road and should take precedence over turning traffic.

Alternatively, some might feel that cyclists are effectively relegated to pedestrian status along this route – but in this case we would still have right of way when crossing a side street, (Highway Code rule 170).

Either way, could drivers please take care at these points?

We’re not asking for ‘red carpet’ treatment but if we can’t use this path without fearing for our lives we might as well stay on Tarmac.

David Redford

Fox Hill, Sheffield