Recycling proposals

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Recycling – a cheaper way:

Revert to monthly collections (50% saving).

Retain the bin and box to save additional expense (making the best of a bad job) but allow flexible use for either paper or plastic/glass/tins (no additional cost).

Adapting existing vehicles can be avoided if the two types of recycling are collected on different rounds (no additional cost). Each vehicle would then service twice as many properties and would need emptying only when completely full – a vehicle with two compartments needs emptying when either of the compartments is full. This would result in a reduction in vehicle movements.

For some people the box can be inadequate for the volume of plastics which can be generated in a month. As the plastic is bulky but very light this could be addressed by accepting an additional bin bag for plastics only where required (the additional cost of one bag per month provided by the public would be a small price to pay).

These changes would achieve a 50% saving and avoid the cost of converting the existing collection vehicles. The use of the bin for the heavier paper rather than plastic could also reduce the need for assisted collections, achieving an additional saving.

The council’s contract with Veolia was easily changed when the frequency was altered to fortnightly collections, with twin-compartment vehicles being introduced, while changing it in any way which reduces cost seems to be problematic.


Surely the main objective is to deal with waste and recycling as required by the council on behalf of Sheffield people, rather than maintaining or increasing Veolia’s profits.

Richard Brunt, Falmouth Rd, S7