Recycling bin collections in Sheffield are changing – this is everything you need to know

Bins in Sheffield
Bins in Sheffield
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Sheffield City Council is changing its recycling services and this is all you need to know.

What's changing?

Sheffield residents will soon get a new brown bin to replace the existing blue box - to be used for glass, cans and plastic bottles.

The existing blue bin will now be used to recycle paper and card - with collections taking place once monthly on alternative fortnights between black bin collections.

The brown bin will be used for glass, bottles and jars, cans and plastic bottles and it will be collected every four weeks. When the new service starts, residents will no longer need their blue box. They can either keep your blue box for storage or the council will collect it.

What's not changing

The black bin will still be emptied every two weeks and for most households the collection day will stay the same.

A plan to replace individual bins with larger communal dumpster bins in parts of the city has also been axed after a public consultation failed to back the proposal.

The majority of residents will keep the same collection day.

When will the new service start?

The new brown bins will be delivered in two phases.

If you live in the north of Sheffield, your brown bin will be delivered in August or September.

If you live in the south of Sheffield you will receive your brown bin in September or October.

Deliveries will take place over a 12-week period, costing the authority around £2m, which they say will be recouped over the next two years by making savings in collection costs.


Leaflets will also be delivered to every household explaining the changes and including a calendar of collection dates.

Special leaflets will also be delivered to areas with a large number of residents who are not native English speakers, and another to areas with a high density of students.

What do residents do now?

Residents should keep using blue bins and blue boxes as normal.

The council will put a sticker on your blue bin when it is time for you to start using it for paper and card and your brown bin for glass, cans and plastic bottles.

When the council deliver your brown bin, they will put a launch leaflet with your new collection calendar through your letterbox.