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Thank you for your article, Study into health effects of Sheffield incinerator delayed by two years, (March 9.)

Monday, 21st March 2016, 6:21 am
Updated Monday, 21st March 2016, 6:26 am
incinBS View from Sheffield Cathedral,looking towards Bernard Road incinerator

This reported that a study on the health effects of this incinerator on people living within ten miles of it has still not been made public.

It was due to be published two years ago!

Incinerators can give off toxic chemicals such as dioxins, which are proven to cause cancer and birth defects.

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Incinerators need to be to be operated at the correct temperature or pollution will occur.

Scientist and researcher Michael Ryan has official figures which claim that infant death rates increase near incinerators.

Tiny pollution particles called PM 2.5s from incinerators penetrate deep into the lungs and cause damage.

Even the ash from incinerators is poisonous and needs careful disposal.

Dr Dick Van Steenis and the US Environmental Protection Agency say there are better alternatives.

Where are the Government measures to get supermarkets to stop excess plastic packaging?

Think of all the packaging waste we get from just one trip to the supermarket!

Burning plastic gives off toxic chemicals such as cyanide.

Councils should recycle all types of plastic and end this “bin it and burn it” wastefulness, as we need to leave natural resources for future generations!

If a material cannot be recycled then it shouldn’t be allowed to be used as packaging.

A Wills

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