Record ice melt found by uni expert

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A KEY glacier in Greenland is melting even faster than previously expected, according to findings by a Sheffield University academic.

Dr Edward Hanna from the Department of Geography was part of a team of researchers looking at climate change.

The researchers found that Greenland’s longest-observed glacier, Mittivakkat, made two consecutive record losses in size during 2010 and 2011.

The observations indicate that the total 2011 loss was 2.45 metres, 0.29 metres higher than the previous observed record in 2010.

The 2011 result was also significantly above the 16 year average observed loss of 0.97 metres per year.

Mittivakkat Glacier has been surveyed for fluctuations since 1931. In 2011 the glacier terminus has retreated about 22 metres, 12 metres less than the observed record of 34 metres in 2010, and approximately 1,300 metres in total since the first photographic observations in 1931.