Reasons not to vote for the current crop of politicians

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On May 7 our politicians will be hoping that we will be voting for them. I am not a member of any political party and I will not ask your readers to vote for any particular party, instead I am asking your readers not to vote for the main parties.

In the past our politicians had an understanding of history, economics and yes even politics!

The present intake of politicians are careerist lightweights in comparison by any measure, they have:

The Conservatives were led by a great lady who enacted policies that led to the free and prosperous society we all now live in and enjoy.

The present leader David Cameron will be remembered for hugging hoodies and stating that the USA helped Britain win the Battle of Britain 1940, when actually they did not get involved until attacked at Pearl Harbour December 7, 1941!

The Labour Party was led by statesmen like Aneurin Bevan who helped create the NHS, and despite most people not agreeing with them people such as Tony Benn and Michael Foot who argued with a passion. The present Labour leader Ed Milliband is just a poorer imitation of Tony Blair.

Miliband has like Cameron, no depth to him, he is like Blair who says some – leftish sound bites and rally his own supporters and grab the headlines, Cameron will always trump Miliband when it comes to spinning due to Cameron’s only previous job in PR (Public Relations) at Carlton Communications.

Nick Clegg let down his supporters and voters by getting elected by opposing student tuition fees, then when elected promptly joined a government that supported student tuition fees! And the best reason not to vote for the LibLabCon party? They are all Europhiles, totally committed to that hugely expensive bureaucrat European Union!

Arthur Johnson

by email