‘Real life’ in need of a pinch of salt...

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Along with just about everybody in the country, I flocked to the cinema recently to watch the new Avengers film.

It certainly didn’t disappoint! For 90 minutes, I cheered on the patriotic Captain America, willed The Hulk to keep his cool and fell a bit more in love with Robert Downey Jnr’s Iron Man.

As the lights came up I felt thrilled and dazzled to be part of a race that could take down the mighty and evil Chitauri with such finesse.

Except that we’re not, of course, are we?

I walked out of Screen 9, leaving behind a world of thrilling technology, to return to one where I still can’t get a signal on my mobile phone while driving on back roads and my sat nav constantly tries to direct me down one-way streets. And how I’d love it if key moments of MY life were underscored by dramatic music. It would certainly make doing The Big Shop a bit more exciting.

The problem with blockbuster movies is that, at some point, we’re thrust back to reality with a bump.

Many of my female friends blame romantic comedies for their single status, claiming such films raise our expectations of love beyond an attainable level.

“I’ve yet to meet a man who’ll love me the way Leo loved Kate,” one of my buds wailed recently, as we watched Titanic.

After leaving the cinema that night, I went home, made a cup of tea and...just went to bed. As I had to be up for work in a few hours.

Imagine Iron Man doing that.