Readers support city pub landlord in garden debacle

Readers have overwhelmingly shown support for Sheffield pub landlord who was warned he could face action over his beer garden.

Monday, 8th August 2016, 12:57 pm
Updated Monday, 8th August 2016, 2:04 pm
Sheffield Council claim the outside space at The Crown, Hillfoot Road, Totley had encroached on the green belt. Picture: Andrew Roe

Yesterday we reported that a complaint was sent to Sheffield Council claiming the landlord of the Crown Inn pub in Totley had removed part of a hedge and placed outdoor furniture to create a makeshift beer garden.

The complainant was concerned with preparation of land within the green belt for use as a beer garden, which would ‘spoil this part of the countryside’.

But landlord Jack Halsall said the pub owned the section of land behind the pub and the council were ‘well aware’ of the plans before the issue came ‘out of the blue’. He added his solicitors would look into it.

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In the wake of the publicity, Star readers have shown their support for Jack.

Ivor Evans said: “For goodness sake. Lighten up. People should be left to enjoy a drink outside in the summer.

“Tables can be moved in winter. What depressed individual objected?”

Alan Barker said: “Here’s a guy who has got a pub to run and the council is trying to kick him where it hurts.

“I agree people must work to the rule book but I disagree with public money being wasted to try and damage someone’s living.”

Mandy Davies said: “Benches and tables outside a pub is not classed as a building. Jobsworths.”

Rachel Collyer said: “Give the pub a break. It’s much needed competition to the other over-priced pubs within a half mile radius.”

Leanne Silcock said: “What harm is it really doing letting the people of Sheffield enjoy a bit of countryside. Very petty.”

Rachel Atkinson said: “Shame the council don’t take as much action to rubbish and furniture being slung in the street in other areas of Sheffield.”

Jason Collyer said: “Vote with your feet people, The Crown is fab now with a great atmosphere, good food and beer.”

Philippa Abbott said: “I have ran pubs for years and nasty horrible dogooders cause a lot of trouble. It makes me sick when you are trying to run a good pub. I hope everything turns out ok.”

Mick Wright said: “The landlord and the staff at The Crown have put a lot of hard graft in over the last 12 months and should be supported in all they have done to make The Crown a successful business. The pub trade is difficult enough without nonsense like this.”

Hayley Jayne Hewitt said: “Ridiculous. It’s hardly like they have built an extension or huge car park – it’s a temporary outdoor space.”

Chris Washer said: “You keep up he good work Jack. If there were a few more landlords like you the pub trade wouldn’t be in the state it’s in.”