Readers respond after most refused Sheffield council houses revealed

Gleadless Valley is the area with the most empty council houses
Gleadless Valley is the area with the most empty council houses
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Readers have have given their views after we revealed the Sheffield council houses that nobody will live in.

The Star today revealed the five council houses in the city which have been refused by the most people.

According to a Sheffield Council document, which listed all council houses which have stood empty for 100 days or more, there are 66 council houses in Sheffield which have stood empty for 100 days or more – costing a whopping £147,915 in lost rent payments.

The most refused house in the city is 40 Popple Street, Page Hall.

This property has been turned down by 33 different people, stood empty for 435 days and has cost the council £5,005 in lost rent.
According to the report, 22 people refused the property due to its location.

REVEALED: Sheffield council houses that nobody will live in

Following the report, readers have responded.

Maria Bayliss said: "Some of the states the homes are in can be terrible. Then they just give you a small decorating grant which does not cover half of the stuff which needs doing. Improve the homes then you see how fast they will go."

Sara Jayne said: "You should be grateful for being given a home. I didn't get a decorating grant when I bought my home."

Cheryl Minnie-CherryBlossom Fairhurst said: "I find that very hard to believe the demand for three bedroom houses is falling. I know lots of people who are desperate for three bedrooms but are told they are 'hard to come by'."

Lisa Briggs said: "Put the homeless in them and start their process to a better life."

Padme-Naberrie Amidala said: "No one should be forced to live somewhere that isn't necessarily safe. That and the states of some of the houses. The council are losing all that money by houses being vacant, but they refuse to repair the properties to a reasonable state."

Matt Corker said: "I've been offered three properties in Gleadless and each one of them was horrible. It would cost hundreds to make look even half decent. Council housing in general is poor in Sheffield."

Pauline Duroe said: "Why is my daughter, partner and baby still living at home because they get told there is no houses for them? Makes no sense."

Martin Revill said: "Must be a good reason that they are being turned down."

Paul Allonby said: "In Chesterfield, council properties are thoroughly cleaned, redecorated, and upgraded prior to reallocation. The council also give new tenants a welcome pack which includes a plastic sink bowl, toilet rolls, a box of tea bags and so on."

The next worst offending property after 40 Popple Street, Page Hall is 3 Heather Road, Wincobank.

Also refused by 33 people, the home has stood empty for 196 days and cost £2,699 in lost rent payments.

Six people refused the property due to location, 12 people said the property was too small – and one person even turned it down as it didn’t have a dining room.

3 Graves Trust Houses, Greenhill, has been refused by 21 people, stood empty for 112 days and a cost £1,303.

5 Graves Trust Houses, Greenhill, has had 20 refusals, been empty for 231 days and has cost £2,612 in lost rent payments.

And 21 Castledine Gardens, Wincobank, has been refused by 12 different people and stood empty for 133 days at a cost of £1,962.

According to the September report, 23 of the homes are currently undergoing maintenance and repairs, or are currently uninhabitable due to damage.

The remaining 43 properties are ready to be lived-in right away – but are actually being refused by people.

Sheffield Council stressed that the loss of rent figures don’t paint the true picture as a lot of the properties are investments, which they knew at the time of buying would require months of work.

The authority said it cannot force people to accept a home either, it can merely offer the houses to people who have signed-up to their housing register.

The area of Sheffield with the most vacant council homes is Gleadless Valley, which 13 homes stood vacant for a total of 2,438 days.
Lowedges has six vacant homes, Burngreave and Brightside four and Arbourthorne three.

The property which has stood empty for the longest is 383 Leighton Road, also in Gleadless Valley, which has been vacant for 469 days and has cost £5,842 in lost rent payments.

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