Readers opinion: Paris or Sheffield?A ‘reyt’ easy choice

Anouchka Santella
Anouchka Santella
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Tour Eiffel. Champs-Elysées. Do these words make you dream? They make me nauseous.

Growing up in Paris has its advantages – you can walk along the Seine and eat baguettes everyday.

Not to forget living in Paris teaches you an important life lesson – human beings are cruel.

They’ll steal your phone more times than they’ll hold the door for you. Strangers will ask you to come spend ‘a good time’ with them.

Not to mention the time when this random guy put his hand down my shorts.

Cause that’s what you do to meet people, right?

Being groped and insulted for not groping back happens weekly. You get used to it, but it’s far from the romantic city everyone pictures.

I’ve always loved England.

My parents were obsessed with David Bowie. Up until the age of 6 I thought he was my uncle. The truth was very disappointing.

British music was played in my flat, Hugh Grant was my first crush and when some guy in a bar was fit, he’d often be an English musician.

But London sucks. I know, ‘I don’t know the right places’ and I’m ‘the weirdest girl on earth’ for choosing Sheffield over London.

But London is too big, too crowded, and you’ll be fluent in Italian and French before you’ll hear some English.

Then I met some Liverpudlians. They had a great Scouse accent, were funny and polite.

I knew French people were rude but meeting Brits was a slap in the face.

Who knew boys could offer to buy you a drink?

I was used to drunken guitarists begging me to buy them beer because they spent their last euros on cocaine.

Having my dad telling me about ‘the best weekend of his life’ in Sheffield 30 years ago convinced me to go.

And love happened. People are nice and funny. If I’m ironic, they UNDERSTAND.

Nothing’s sexier than ‘oreyt love’. Stop judging me.

Everyone is attractive (okay I might be blinded by love on this one). The city is so safe it makes Paris look like the Bronx 10 years ago.

When I started coming, like in any long distance relationship, I was miserable until I was here.

So I stopped putting money into Eurostar tickets and put it in to rent here instead.

And that makes me ‘reyt’ happy.

Anouchka , 21, moved from Paris to Sheffield eight months ago. She’s obsessed with music and rugby.