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Speed Bumps
Speed Bumps
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Rough ride for the bumpy subject of traffic calming

Last week our Readers’ Champion page published a letter from Graham Sykes of Beighton on the state of Sheffield Roads – especially those in his own village. We invited your comments and you gave the traffic-calming measures a very rough ride. Here’s what you had to say:

Ted Mullins: I am a Beighton resident. We travelled through the Jura Mountains to Annecy in the Haute Savoie in France this year, using both mountain roads and autoroutes. The standing joke on the way back from the A57 to home, as always, was – ‘Get ready for the worst road in Europe’! Honestly, the only thing the speed cushions in Beighton have done is to ensure that all residents vehicles get damaged.

Christina Wright: I agree there are other ways – those signs that flash your speed at you for one. It’s not only damage to cars but to people in the vehicles. Makes me feel ill going over them.

Dan Douglas: I assume Graham is actually referring to speed cushions not speed humps.

Katrina Lindsay: My husband has had to have two new front tyres, as they were only worn on the inside of the tyre. The car kind of clears the speed bumps and only the inner wheel connects. He is adamant they have ruined the tyres. It’s all tracked and balanced.

Ian Garrett: We all hate them but one life saved and it’s all worth it, so we have to live with them

Gary Harvey: Waste of time...

Philip Heathcote: The roads are that knackered we don’t need speed bumps

Mark Pawson: They don’t slow the idiots down!

Peter Sufc Frith: It was a good idea but was of no use. People who steal cars and take them for joyrides do not care what damage they do to the cars. It costs them nothing as most don’t have a licence and end up with a ban from something they don’t have in the first place.

Lynne Cocker: We have a lot of speed bumps on our road but they do not slow all the traffic down, some slow down to go over them and the others just overtake them.

Dan Douglas: Speed cushions aren’t aimed at joyriders – they are aimed at all road users. Safety, cameras are similarly ineffective against a car thief.

Student protest

Masked students occupied Sheffield University Arts Tower in support of lecturers striking for better pay. We asked our Facebook audience if this kind of protest is likely to help the lecturers’ cause or is it a distraction? This is what you thought:

Susan Howe: Stupid

Ken Wilby: Shouldn’t these students be in lectures?

Callam Daniel Blade: Attention and media coverage is the main aim so it’s worked.

Peter Sufc Frith: I have always thought that if they wear masks it’s because they don’t want there friends and family to know they support something, it’s like a dirty secret. If you are going to do something in support, then it should be in the open and non-violent, not hidden

Ian Hirst: I think that they have the right to support them against this uncaring government.

Christopher Staniforth: What will mummy and daddy think?

Benalmeda Russell: I think they may be surprised when they find out how much they are paid, £43k +++

Managers axed

Sheffield Wednesday and Barnsley couldn’t buy a win until they sacked their managers then they both win really tough fixtures – how does THAT work? We asked if you thought the manager’s influence was overrated... This is what you said:

Ken Wilby: Player power!!!! Nuff said

Peter Sufc Frith: Just lucky, Wendy have no money so whoever takes over has to put up with what they have now.

Zoe West Was Evans: At the end of the day it’s all down to the players. It’s them that are on the field not the manager and if they don’t want to listen to their manager there’s nowt the manager can do! And like Wednesday said after the Blackpool match, they gave up after Blackpool got their second goal. I’m sure Dave Jones didn’t shout out to them and tell them to give up!(1/2 l