Readers back call for Sheffielders to do their bit on litter - but also want council to do more

Litter in Castlegate.
Litter in Castlegate.
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Star readers have backed our call for people to pick up their own litter - but they also want more bins to be provided.

Reacting to today's front page story highlighting the city council's proposed cuts to street cleaning services, some people said it was time for residents to do their bit.

Posting on The Star's Facebook page Hazel Salvin said: “If everybody cleaned up and around themselves litter wouldn’t be so much of a problem.”

Martin Keyworth said: “What about everyone being responsible for litter outside their shop and homes?

“If everyone played their part things would be better.

"Also get the bin men cleaning up after themselves when they create litter.”

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Gary Hague said: “Just go down West Street on Saturday or Sunday morning – it’s a wasteland.

“It looks like a bin lorry has driven down and tipped the rubbish out.

“It’s about time the takeaways shouldered some of the responsibility of cleaning it up.”

And Julie Conley added: "The streets round S5 are disgusting and are being cleaned on a daily basis in some of the area due to people who can’t be bothered to use litter bins provided and throw their rubbish all over the street – disgraceful.”

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However, plenty of people wanted the council to do more as well. Sarah Woodhead said the cuts were a 'joke'.

She added: “There’s only one litter bin on our estate in S12 and that’s only because I kept nagging and reporting the amount of litter on surrounding gennels.

“There are no dog poo bins anywhere either even when dog walkers have asked.

“They did however agree to collect the bags that some kind dog walker provides for us all. I don’t see the difference between that and a bin to be honest, but hey, it’s Sheffield Council logic.”

Dean Holland was worried the city would be 'full of rats'.

He added: “Never can I remember my bin full of maggots as a kid, but in the last collection it was teeming with them.

"Letters through your door because the bin lid was up slightly – we are a family of six, we recycle as much as possible and more by going to tips and taking certain bits to recycling centres.

“We cannot do any more but yet council tax goes up and we get even less service – but they want to spend millions cutting trees down."

Martin Wilcock said Sheffield should follow the example of North East Derbyshire.

“All tips are very user friendly, no permits required, they will take trade waste, accept trailers, vans and SUVs, no questions asked," he said.

“Separation of waste, specialist skips for asbestos, rubble, electrical goods etcetera – absolutely excellent. Result: minimal fly-tipping anywhere.”

The council also wants to increase the fly tipping response time from one business day to two.

Julie Bond: said: “I live in Darnall and I’m always having to ring council about fly-tipping. Nobody seems to use bins anymore, they just drop it on the ground.

"No respect – it’s disgusting. It makes me so mad.”

Lynda Burns added: "Litter is all over the city, and worse when near to schools. We pay enough in council tax for a decent service, but don’t get anything even then unless the town hall are badgered.

"It is no surprise they are wanting to reduce this further.”

And Chris Pearson said: “I wonder if I paid six months of my council tax and did not pay the rest as I am struggling financially, if it would be acceptable for a substandard service?

“Sheffield Council wants to get a grip and actually wake up and live in the real world and not fantasy.”

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