Readers' anger at planned changes to Sheffield NHS mental health services

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
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Readers have reacted angrily to the planned changes in mental services across Sheffield.

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Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust has said it will consider a raft of changes to services including scrapping the front line Sheffield Outreach Team (SORT) and amalgamating staff into a larger, more centralised unit.

The Trust says it needs to find £1.6m worth of savings to meet its' financial requirements set by the Government.

One SORT service user said she fears somebody will be 'killed off' while a staff member fears the changes will be 'catastrophic' for the community.

NHS bosses have said the changes will deliver an 'improved service' for the people of Sheffield.

But the changes have been heavily criticised by many service user who said they did not know about the changes which are set to come into play in October.

Posting on social media, Emma-Louise Brown said: "They are already failing people who suffer from mental health and their families, things will only get worse if this service goes. There needs to be more investment not less."

Vicky Wilson added: "If they do they will regret it for sure. Mental health has been pushed aside enough but to stop help completely is the most ridiculous thing I've heard."

Vikki Jones posted: "This is terrible - more cuts to our most vulnerable they should be ashamed when all you hear is how much the government is going to step up and put extra cash into mental health when they want us to vote for them."

Julie Marsh said: "It's sad mental health issues need addressing. Without support, patients will get worse. Also there'll be more suicides. If centres are closed."

Terry Newton added: "The knock on effect of this to society will cost far more in the long run than keeping funding going."

Kerry Fairbank posted: "I have home treatment and without them I would have been either in the gutter or in hospital - they have kept me out of hospital and i couldn't be more thankful."