Reader opinion split over Sheffield flood defences

Endcliffe Park
Endcliffe Park
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Star readers have responded to claims that a city-wide consultation into flood defences is flawed.

Yesterday we reported how Michelle Mullins, aged 42, was 'outraged' at plans to turn to turn Endcliffe Park, Ecclesall, into a flood storage basin big enough to hold 16 Olympic swimming pools worth of water.

Michelle Mullins

Michelle Mullins

The mum-of-one dubbed the city-wide consultation by Sheffield Council - which closes on Monday - as 'flawed', claiming the first she heard was when a neighbour informed her. She criticised the authority for not displaying posters in the park or writing to residents.

In the wake of the article, opinion has been split among readers.

Clare Hooker said: "Whilst I agree we need to do more to protect Sheffield residents against flooding, the council has not communicated this properly. Should we really be destroying one of Sheffield's main assets?"

Steve Walsh said: "Typical, let's object to a proposal that could stop the heartache of families losing their entire life and possessions in a flood to save a bit of parkland which will only flood in extreme weather. Some people need a reality check."

Lynda Alsina said: "One of our best and most loved parks. The council say they've had 700 replies to consultation, which is not many considering Sheffield's population. Shameful."

Ian Kassell said: "Land on the uplands can be used instead to locate these flood barriers. But Sheffield Council have not the common sense to see that this is possible and would rather destroy our heritage."

Steve Wilson said: "I think I'd rather have a flood basin in the park than a flood in my house."

Tom Turner said: "They aren't getting rid of the park, they are doubling it up as flood protection. How is that a bad thing?"

Alan Tyrrell said:"Dredging the rivers of sheffield would allow them to take millions of gallons of flood water."

Martin Dixon said: "Would you rather have flooded: a park or your house or business?"

Sandra Allen said: "What a shame. I absolutely loved Endcliffe Park when I lived local to it."

Endcliffe is one of six schemes in an £83 million project to protect the city from flooding.

Coun Bryan Lodge, cabinet member for environment, said: "We are asking for people’s views on a number of options. But it’s worth stressing that these are only options, no decisions have been made.

“We have had over 700 responses to the consultation and over 90 per cent of respondents agree with our suggestions to protect communities from flooding."

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