Reader opinion split over Sheffield cycle collision figures

A cycle lane. Picture: Andrew RoeA cycle lane. Picture: Andrew Roe
A cycle lane. Picture: Andrew Roe
Reader opinion has been split following our report that 825 cyclist collisions had been reported to police in the past six years.

Last week we reported that 825 cycle collisions were recorded by South Yorkshire Police between 2010-2015, according to figures released to The Star under Freedom of Information.

The figure, which equates to an average of 138 cycle accidents every year and 11 every month, prompted calls for action from campaign group Cycle Sheffield.

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In the wake of the article, opinion has been split among Star readers.

Daniel Driver said: “I think cyclists should take a test just like a driving test so they learn to respect the roads and other road users.”

Max Webster said: “Motorists take a test and still overtake too close, pull out on cyclists, pull into cyclists, use their mobile phones, not indicate – all things that could kill someone. Poor cycling is mostly just a risk to themselves.”

Benjamin Scott said: “The roads aren’t good enough for the cars, let alone bikes. Given the revenues cycling has bought to the region it’s about time we spent some money on the roads.”

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Angie Smith said: “Why are cyclists not required to hold insurance?”

David Smith said: “Many, but not all, of the accidents are caused by the cyclists.”

Danny Burkhill said: “Just because one cyclist had no lights and went through a red light, many motorists automatically think all cyclists are morons when there are ones like me who are insured all the right equipment and obey the road rules.”