Read the small print on tickets

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We recently travelled from Sheffield to London: using our senior rail passes and booking in advance, we obtained return tickets for £17 each. Brilliant!

We travelled by East Coast Trains via Doncaster, which departed unexpectedly almost immediately we boarded. We had been directed to the ‘wrong’ train, one that left 17 minutes earlier.

The ticket collector informed us that our tickets were not valid and we were required to pay for this journey. Imagine our horror when he demanded £199- and refused to deduct our rail passes discount. What a spoilt weekend!

A letter to East Coast Trains requesting a refund, (yes, you’ve guessed right!) resulted in the standard reply, easily summarised: ‘Didn’t you read the small print? Hard luck. That’s how we make our bonuses’.

P & G Furniss, Owlthorpe