Read letters carefully

I do wish that people would read letters carefully as Gerry Leckey, (Letters June 13,) has completely misread my recent tree letter, (June 5), and has failed to understand the points I was endeavouring to make.

I did NOT say that the council had an unwillingness to listen to ME, what I did in fact say was the Council had refused to listen to the arboricultural experts.

The reason for mentioning my medical condition had everything to do with the tree issue as the correspondent to whom I referred had said a particular tree was causing a ‘Health & Safety” problem due to broken pavements and slippery leaves which could cause people to fall.

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I pointed out that due to some mobility issues I could easily fall but I wouldn’t consider this a justifiable reason to want to see a healthy tree felled simply because I may trip over a protruding root in the pavement, and in any case there are engineering solutions which could solve this problem without resorting to felling but sadly are being ignored by the council.

However, my thanks to Gerry Leckey for referring to me as a “chairperson of the tree huggers society” for he couldn’t have paid me a bigger compliment, as it places me among the thousands of people in this city who understand the importance of our street trees and care sufficiently to want to save them from the council and Amey’s wanton and unnecessary destruction.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

Still having a dig at Chris

Lee Johnson just won’t be told, will he?

He’ still having a dig at Chris Wilder’s buys.

Big spending does not bring success as proven at Hillsborough.

£20 million spent and among them a player who refused to take a penalty in the play-off semi final.

I hope he’s on the transfer list now.

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Let’s wait and see what happens next season and then either criticise or congratulate Chris.



Costly referendum

I voted to remain in the costly referendum and the general election, which I believe cost £130 million plus, all instigated by the cowardly David Cameron who slipped away hoping no-one would blame him.

The cowardly David Cameron was only thinking of himself as usual, but he failed.

How different it would have been if Gordon Brown had done the same – it would have been front-page news in most of the right-wing press.

J Shaw


International treaty

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The Good Friday Agreement is an international treaty to which the UK and Ireland are bound in international law. Failing to meet its requirements would constitute a breach of international law.

Within the Agreement, is the explicit requirement upon the UK Government to retain and ensure its impartiality, as the Agreement specifies: –

“Power of Sovereign Government with jurisdiction there, shall be exercised with rigorous impartiality”.

With the UK Government locked into a parliamentary deal with the DUP, impartiality is not only at risk but impartiality has well and truely gone out of the window.

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A deal of this kind, while being deemed by the Conservative Party as pragmatism in order to keep themselves in wobbly power, has the potential to unravel evey hard-won peace gain attained in Northern Ireland.

In addition to this, the implications for protected equalities characteristics is a further consideration of this power pact.

It is heart warming to see so many people, groups and parties step up to the plate in recent times to condemn so vehemently the prevailing discriminations and inequalities enshrined in one part of the UK, and not in other parts of the UK.

It is just a pity, that these condemnations were not so public and as enduring as ours in equalities, until it looked like the DUP, in bed with the Tories, might in some way adversely affect – England, Scotland and Wales.

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Discrimination and inequality being allowed to prevail and now endorsed via the DUP deal, in one part of the UK – Northern Ireland – means that equality in the whole of the UK is broken and needs urgently fixing.

Chrissy Meleady MBE

by email

City’s new build

The lights are shining bright on Sheffield city centre new build, with Emley Moor transmitter keeping an eye on things.

EB Warris

by email

I won’t be tuning in

So Toby Foster is back on air on Radio Sheffield.

I shall not be tuning in.

He’s a know-all but knows nothing; unfunny and arrogant.

How did he get a job with them?

S Ellis


Forming a new Government

The Election is over and now we await the forming of the new Government.

The doors will then open to the Great Temple of Greed and Lies known as the Houses of Parliament.

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MPs will enter here, leaving all manifestos at the door, and wait for the appointment of new ministers.

A select few of these will enter the first inner Sanctum called “the Sanctum of Austerity”.

Within these walls budgets will be slashed with gay abandon like film clips falling to the cutting room floor of the editing room. The purpose of this is to cause hardship and suffering to the masses.

A further select few will enter the second inner sanctum called the Sanctum of Crazy Ideas.

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Here ideas will be discussed to find the craziest ones such as the bedroom tax, the proposed dementia tax and the faceless panel who declare that people with chronic illnesses and disabilities are still breathing and are therefore able to work.

The purpose of this is, again, to cause suffering and hardship to the masses.

There you have it.

A new government is formed.

Christine Langham


He should be sacked

If Toby Foster makes one more outspoken statement or abuses social media again, he should be sacked from his job at Radio Sheffield and told never to work for the station again.

No ifs, no buts.

Paulette Edwards would be the ideal Breakfast Programme host, return Rony Robinson to his original 10am until 1pm slot and the Monday to Friday afternoon show filled in by either Bobby Knutt or Ian McMillan or John Shuttleworth.

S Smith