Raving on raves

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I’m am sick of being woken up by outdoor, unlicenced raves and the council and police doing nothing about it.

They know where it is held and it goes on for over 24 hours at a time. And 101 do nothing either.

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Wonderful game

IT was wonderful to have the snooker here again. They bring a wonderful atmosphere to our city. They even seem to bring lovely weather!

Doris Kenworthy, Langsett Gr, S6

Made a mess

Fancy letting Gordon Brown be head of the IMF! He had his chance when he was chancellor, then as PM and made a mess of that. Don’t let him near any more money.

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Leave them to it

We face cuts to front-line services as there is no more money yet we can find money to get involved in wars. If a country is at war leave them to it. Why poke our nose in?

Jayne Grayson