Rats fear led to action on piled rubbish

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A WOMAN has been taken to court and prosecuted after leaving rubbish to pile up for months in the back yard of her Doncaster home.

Public health bosses took the action against Charlene Louise Turner after concerns were raised that the pile would attract rates to the area.

It has left her facing a bill of nearly £750.

Turner, of Belmont Avenue, Balby, left rubbish lying around for over three months leading to fears that pests would be attracted.

The problem was identified on a street walk by Doncaster Council public health officers in response to numerous complaints about rubbish in the area.

Officers wrote to Turner, asking her to clear away the rubbish, and provided her with information about the authority’s bulky waste collection service.

But the council said she ignored the letter, and was eventually served a notice to remove the waste.

That was in July. But when September arrived and the mess had not moved the council intervened to remove the waste.

Turner was sent a bill for the clean-up but refused to pay the £93.44 charge - leading to court action.

Doncaster magistrates convicted Turner of failing to dispose of domestic rubbish. She was fined £350, and ordered to pay costs of £286.55 and a victim surcharge of £15 - as well as the outstanding £93.44 clean-up charge.

Coun Cynthia Ransome, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Regulatory/Customer Services, warned the council would take action in similar cases.

She said: “I believe people in Doncaster should be free to live their lives with the absolute minimum of interference from the authorities.

“There are certain circumstances, however, where people’s actions are putting others’ health and wellbeing at risk so it is right that we do intervene and use the powers available to us.

“It is not acceptable to dump waste anywhere in Doncaster and we will continue taking action against those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.”