Ratio of jobseekers to new vacancies among lowest

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JOBSEEKERS in Doncaster are competing against fewer people for vacancies than most other parts of Yorkshire, figures have revealed.

Figures produced by the TUC show there were 5.8 people looking for work for every job which came on the market in the borough in May.

But comparisons show that the figure is significantly lower than some areas.

It is the fifth lowest out of 15 areas in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

The worst figure was in Hull, where the figures showed 18.6 job seekers per job vacancy.

Elsewhere in South Yorkshire, the figure for Rotherham was 11.6, and for Sheffield it was 10.

The figures for Doncaster showed 9,821 people chasing 1,684 vacancies, which represented around 60 vacancies more than Sheffield.

Doncaster Chamber of Commerce head of policy Daniel Fell said he believed Doncaster’s apparent good performance in the figures may have been due to the number of small businesses in the town: “Our take is that we have economic recovery but it is pretty fragile still.

“There are a lot of smaller companies in Doncaster, and it is small companies that can move quickly and be innovative because of their size and I think we have seen a lot of that in the last six months.”

But he said the low ratio may also be due to a smaller number of people chasing the jobs in the borough, because of the levels of incapacity left over as a legacy of industrial illnesses from some of the borough’s industrial past.

The figures were published by TUC general secretary Brendan Barber to warn that Yorkshire risks missing out on the recent labour market recovery, with spending cuts likely to cause more job losses and weaken demand in local economies.

The TUC is concerned that despite the positive employment news in recent months, the employment rate in Yorkshire and the Humber has actually fallen over the last year from 69 per cent to 68 per cent.