RATINGS: Best and worst areas in South Yorkshire for seeing a doctor revealed

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The best and worst areas to live across South Yorkshire for seeing a GP have been revealed following an analysis of inspection reports.

Analysis by the Health Service Journal has looked into inspection reports of 6,476 surgeries, the majority of the 7,700 in England.

The analysis shows for the first time which clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and sustainability and transformation plans have the highest proportion of the best and worst rated GP surgeries.

HSJ has reviewed all Care Quality Commission (CQC) GP inspection reports published before March 1 2017.

This has revealed the proportion of GP surgeries in each CCG that have received a rating of inadequate, requires improvement, good or outstanding.

The research has revealed that there are no outstanding GP practices in Sheffield, Barnsley or Rotherham with 6.8 per cent of practices in Doncaster rated as outstanding.

Out of the 30 surgeries rated in Rotherham, none of them were found to be outstanding or inadquate but 10 per cent of them were found to requiring improvement with the other 90 per cent rated as good.

Dr Richard Cullen, Chair of NHS Rotherham CCG, said: “Every practice in Rotherham has received an inspection visit from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and it is extremely positive to see that 86 per cent of our practices were rated as good, whilst none received a rating of inadequate and only a small number were rated as requires improvement.

“We are continually working with our GP practices to improve the quality of services offered to our patients, whilst addressing any areas for improvement.”

In Sheffield, none of the 81 GP surgeries were classed as outstanding but 2.5 per cent of them were found to be either inadequate, 7.4 per cent requiring improvement and 90.1 per cent rated as good.

Dr Anthony Gore, Clinical Director, at NHS Sheffield CCG said: “93.8%of Sheffield practices are rated ‘good’ by the CQC, which is great news. This builds on the recent CQC report confirming Sheffield is in a solid position when it comes to primary care and shows the strength of our regional GP Forward View and financial commitment to general practices.

“Of course there’s always room for improvement, and while the majority of practices in the city are rated as ‘good’, we’re working alongside our GP colleagues to maintain and improve all Sheffield services for patients, their families and carers.

"One of the two practices previously rated as inadequate has just been re-inspected and rated ‘good’, and we’re confident that the work being done by the other practice will lead to the same result for them by the next report. I would also expect a number of our ‘good’ practices to be rated as ‘outstanding’ in their next reports”

Doncaster is the only area in South Yorkshire which boasts outstanding surgeries with 6.8 per cent of the 44 rated found to be at this level with 90.9 per cent rated as good and only 2.3 per cent inadequate.

"A spokesperson for Doncaster CCG said: "Doncaster CCG works closely with general practice to continuously improve the quality of patient care.

"The CQC inspections show that Doncaster as a whole provides a high standard of service, with a number of outstanding practices.

"The practice that was rated as inadequate has had an extensive support programme and upon re-inspection has demonstrated significant improvements, which will shortly result in a revised rating being published.

There were no inadequate practices in Barnsley but 3.1 per cent of the 32 surgeries were found to be requiring improvement and 96.9 per cent rated as good.

Barnsley CCG did not provide a comment when approached.

CCG Name: NHS Sheffield

Total practices rated: 81

% Inadequate: 2.5

% Requires Improvement: 7.4

% Good: 90.1

% Outstanding: 0.0

CCG Name: ​NHS Rotherham

Total practices rated: 30

% Inadequate: 0.0

% Requires Improvement: 10.0

% Good: 90.0

% Outstanding: 0.0

CCG Name: NHS Doncaster

Total practices rated: 44

% Inadequate: 2.3

% Requires Improvement: 0.0

% Good: 90.9

% Outstanding: 6.8

CCG Name: NHS Barnsley

Total practices rated: 32

% Inadequate: 0.0

% Requires Improvement: 3.1

% Good: 96.9

% Outstanding: 0.0