Rare visitor checks out city nightlife

BirdNW'Manx Shearwater discovered in Sheffield
BirdNW'Manx Shearwater discovered in Sheffield
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NIGHTLIFE in Sheffield is just great - well that’s what this little bird told us.

The bird which only flies at night dropped into Sheffield during the recent strong winds.

The Manx Shearwater was floundering in Beighton when luckily it was spotted by Sheffield Council cabinet member for tourism, Helen Mirfin-Boukouris.

She rescued the nocturnal bird which was struggling to fly and seemed tired.

Helen took the bird home and kept it safely in her garage overnight.

She said: “After looking up the bird on the internet I discovered it was a young Manx Shearwater. It spends most of its life at sea and should now be on its way to the south Atlantic for the winter. The young bird had clearly been blown well off course and turned up here.”

Helen contacted the RSPCA who collected her new feathered friend. Officers took it to Stapeley Grange in Cheshire, where it will be looked after until it can be released at the coast.

Helen added: “The RSPCA confirmed quite a few had been found dotted around the country, but as they are so well adapted to life at sea they cannot take off from land so need to be taken to water to be released.

“I would like to thank the RSPCA, in particular Insp Lindsey Harris who kept me informed of its progress.”

Sheffield Bird Study group confirmed this is only the fifth ever recorded Manx Shearwater visiting Sheffield.