Rapist who conned Barnsley woman he met online jailed for 22 years

Christopher Swain has been jailed
Christopher Swain has been jailed
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A rapist who conned a Barnsley woman he met online has been jailed for 22 years.

Christopher Swain, aged 40, has been sent to prison for seven sex offences including five counts of rape, four counts of theft and fraud by false representation.

Swain used a dating website to lure in his two victims - one a 43-year-old woman from Barnsley and the other a 39-year-old woman from Northamptionshire.

The man pretended to be a wealthy businessman and property developer with a ‘Champagne lifestyle’.

In May 2012, Swain contacted the woman in Northamptonshire through a dating website, chatting to her online before exchanging emails and telephone calls, and eventually meeting her.

He began a relationship with her, making promises he would help her with money.

Swain eventually took control of all her finances, including taking away her bank cards and pin numbers and not allowing her to check any bank statements.

The woman later discovered her hidden statements, which revealed she was £20,000 in debt for purchases she had not made.

On confronting Swain, he became violent and he repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted her over a several months.

Swain began a new relationship with the woman from Barnsley in September 2013, again meeting her through the same dating website, telling her the same lies and becoming increasingly controlling with her finances.

In January 2014, the woman was alerted while she was at work that there were concerns with her bank account.

On checking her accounts, £13,000 had been withdrawn and an additional £2,000 spent on her credit card.

The woman alerted South Yorkshire Police while she was at work and Swain was at her home and he was arrested.

DC Hamby continued: “The courage of the two women involved is absolutely remarkable. I want to praise them for their bravery in coming forward and ensuring Swain is unable to prey on any other woman.

“He is a dangerous individual who trawled dating websites looking for women he believed could take advantage of. His actions are utterly deplorable and inexcusable.

“I would encourage anyone who believes they may have been a victim of this type of crime to please contact the police, as we will always take reports of this nature seriously and investigate thoroughly to bring offenders like Swain to justice.”