Rapist’s lover betrayed his victims

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An utter disgrace. And not only to the prison service which put its trust in her.

The prison nurse who had sex with a violent rapist in his cell while her colleagues stood guard - she’s also a disgrace to women.

This week, Bradford Crown Court ruled Karen Cosford, 47-year-old wife of a prison employee, was not another of lifer Brian McBride’s innocent victims as she had tried to claim, but had willingly embarked on an affair with this vile individual.

She was jailed her for three years and will surely have a hellish experience inside. She deserves it.

How on earth you can feel any emotion other than disgust for a man serving a life sentence for multiple offences of rape and violence, a man who must have terrified and humiliated other women, is beyond me. Unless you’re sick in the head, how can you lust after someone who subjected his victims to ordeals they will probably never get over?

Cosgrove’s ability to switch off everything but her own desire beggars belief.

She sent the serial rapist love letters describing him as her knight in shining armour and the most caring man she had ever known. She bought top ups for a banned mobile phone and sent texts telling him ‘you are my world’ and ‘miss you so much’.

The women rebuilding their lives after ordeals at McBride’s hands must feel utterly betrayed.

And the rapist? How he must have been laughing. Locked away so he could never rape again, behind bars he finds a woman willing to have sex with him. Result.