Rap over knuckles

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X Factor viewers are waltzing off to Strictly and ITV are surprised?

It’s middle-aged viewers and grannies turning off in their droves.

When Cowell’s show decided to rake in millions from the text vote generation by getting down with the yoof, inviting on guest ‘stars’ no one over the age of 17 had heard of and sticking rap willy-nilly into otherwise perfectly decent songs, what did they expect?

We wrinklies don’t normally matter, but the money-men are now twitching because we are the very people who shop at - let’s get the booming, absurdly dramatic voice right - MARKS AND SPENC-ER, and who buy the cheap sofas promoted at every commercial break. Two nights of X Factor is too much us, too. We’ve got lives; and ironing to do.

Sunday night’s show is so boring, we don’t turn on til five minutes before Downton.