Randy's Manchester issues statement after Sheffield restaurant offers '˜Weinstein burger' on menu

Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers in Manchester have issued a statement after the Sheffield restaurant listed a '˜Weinstein burger' on its menu.Â

Thursday, 1st November 2018, 1:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 1:53 pm
West One, Sheffield. Picture: Google

The Sheffield restaurant, which shares the same name, only opened in the West One development this month but has already caused controversy. 

Many Twitter users were left outraged at the names of some of the burgers on its menu which '˜make light of sexual assault and porn culture'.

West One, Sheffield. Picture: Google

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The '˜Weinstein burger', a reference to Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein who has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 70 women, in particular has come under fire. 

However, the '˜Fake Taxi' and '˜Ca$ting C0uch' burger have also sparked dozens of angry comments. 

The Manchester restaurant has now issued a statement condemning the '˜Weinstein burger' and stated the Sheffield site was not part of the same company. 

Randy's MCR tweeted: 'Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers in Sheffield is an independent off shoot and not part of the same company. Randy's MCR never have and never will sell this burger or glamorise sexual assault.'

Both restaurants offer the same menu apart from the Sheffield site's offering of the '˜Weinstein burger'. 

Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers in Sheffield bills itself as the home of '˜x-rated burgers, cheeky cocktails, exciting bar games and behaviour that would disappoint your mother'

Restaurant manager, Kishayne Wright, today told The Star that he '˜understood where people's criticism was coming from'.

He said: 'When we were doing the menu we didn't think people were going to be so sensitive about it. It is not like we are encouraging people to commit sexual acts.

'I have arranged a meeting with our marketing team tomorrow and we plan on doing a full public apology. Let's go back to the drawing board and see what we can do to please people.' 

The restaurant has since deleted the tweet advertising their '˜Weinstein burger' and '˜Ca$ting C0uch' burger. 

Many users have condemned the names of the burgers and the apology offered by Mr Wright. 

One Twitter user posted: 'Wow Kishayne. Guess you we didn't think restaurant managers could be so clueless! No you're not encouraging it, but you are trivialising it & having a laugh about it & making anyone who has experienced sexual assault feel totally belittled. I won't be visiting @randyssheff'

Johanna posted: 'Disgusting, what an earth were you thinking ...I will never use this place in a million years ... shouldn't be allowed.'

WEP Sheffield posted: 'So @randyssheff have had second thoughts about their offensive menu. Good. But describing those of us who object to it as 'sensitive' shows they've missed the point entirely.'