Rampage dog is lassoed by hero at primary school as residents flee

Adrian Wild and his dogs Hector and Elsa outside Hexthorpe Primary School.
Adrian Wild and his dogs Hector and Elsa outside Hexthorpe Primary School.
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AN ANIMAL lover has been hailed a hero after he leapt into action to capture a dog as it rampaged at a South Yorkshire school site.

Quick thinking Adie Wild used a dog lead as a lasso to stop the Japanese Akita which had entered the grounds of Hexthorpe Primary School in Doncaster, having already terrified dog walkers yesterday morning.

The dog, which police say had been left to roam free, had already tried to attack three people, including Adie, in a nearby park, when it wandered into the school grounds and was growling at the door.

One dog owner, Maria Bevan, from Urban Road, said she had to jump into a garden and then run into the road to flee the animal when it tried to attack her earlier in the morning.

Adie also had to run into the road after the dog lunged at him and his pet.

But when he saw that the animal was going into the school site, he decided he had to take action to make sure pupils were not hurt.

The 44-year-old painter and decorator, who had been walking his pet bulldog, said he could not just leave the animal in the school. He had discussed his concerns with Maria, a neighbour on Urban Road, who had also been walking a dog in the park.

He said: “We were telling people walking up the road to beware, because there was a dangerous dog in the school.

“I went home to pick up a lead I that has a big noose on the end, and came back to the school. I had put on a thick combat jacket which I thought would provide some protection if I was bitten.

“But I thought I would sooner the dog bit me than a child.

“I made the noose in the lead as big as I could. I thought I would put my arm in the thick jacket in its mouth if it came too close, and I thought I would only have one chance.

“When the dog came at me, I threw the noose over its head and tightened it. I pulled it up high so it could not run. Then I took it to a fence to tether it.

“I stayed there until the police came - I couldn’t just walk home and leave it.”

Maria, who watched as Adie sprung into action, said the school had taken all the children inside the building.

She said: “I would not have had the courage to do what he did. We are all dog lovers, but this dog was going on the rampage. I think he is a hero.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said the force was planning to get in touch with Adie to thank him for his actions.

She said the 10-year-old dog had been abandoned by its owner. Officers called out Rotherham Dog Rescue, which took it away. The owner had signed a disclaimer allowing the charity to take it.

A spokesman for the school said the staff were very grateful to Adie for his actions.

Akitas are not classified as dangerous dogs, but last month one of the breed had be destroyed after attacking a two-year-old child in Sussex.