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With the recent discussions regarding the bus consultation process, here’s the reality of what we have at present and let’s remember, like those washing powder adverts that try to convince us that the new contents, in the same soap box are much improved on the one we previously purchased, the Sheffield’s public transport has been regularly ‘improved’ over the years with similar alterations to the buses and routes.

I buy a monthly saver ticket from First. On August 3, I agreed to meet some friends out at Bradway. No problem I thought, I’ll get the 25A bus from Arundel Gate. The bus never showed, it’s details simply disappeared from the timetable screen.

Next 25A, at 12.25pm I’ll be slightly late but no bother. This bus does turn up and I and others are stopped from boarding due to a driver change.

Only problem, there’s no new driver waiting to take over.

We wait around five minutes with the driver trying to unsuccessfully get another driver to take over. No luck.

The result of this, me and the rest of the waiting passengers are now joined by the 15 to 20 passengers who were on the bus, who have now been asked to get off as the driver has finished his shift and with no new driver, he’s been told to take the 25A, back to the depot.

I walk to the Interchange and catch a 53 to Meadowhead hoping to pick up a 25A there. The 25A that should have appeared at Meadowhead at 13:09, never shows, again it mysteriously disappears from the electronic timetable.

Eventually I cut my losses and pay on a 25 Stagecoach and walk some of my way to my destination.

Nearly two hours to travel about five miles.


James Fenner

by email