Raise your pie game with a tasty recipe

Simon Ayres
Simon Ayres
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ONE of Sheffield’s leading chefs has posed a challenge for the city’s culinary whizzes as part of The Star’s Great Pie and Peas Up campaign.

All this week top chefs have been sharing their recipes for the appeal, which urges readers to hold pie and pea suppers in aid of St Luke’s Hospice.

Today Simon Ayres, head chef at the Showroom cinema, suggests a hand-raised bavette and pickle pie.

The campaign is being launched to fund a new inpatient unit at the Whirlow hospice – and The Star has pledged to raise £100,000 to fund one of 14 single rooms.

Readers are asked to host pie and pea suppers anytime in March, asking guests for donations in return.

Everyone who registers receives a special pack with invitations, a poster and place mats.

Suppers can be hosted in homes, pubs, restaurants, workplaces and community centres.

Hand raised bavette and pickle pie

INGREDIENTS: 400g bavette steak, 50g margarine, two partridge breasts, one nutmeg, two sticks rosemary, one beaten egg, two garlic cloves, three tsp paprika, four tsp caper berries, season to taste.

For pastry - 200ml olive oil, one tsp salt, 750g plain flour, one beaten egg, three to four tsp water.

METHOD: For pastry, crumble flour, olive oil and salt and add beaten egg until dough is formed. Cool in fridge. Preheat oven to 200C/gas six. Chop all ingredients except egg and margarine. Place in bowl, mix in margarine, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Chill in fridge. Roll out pastry until around thickness of a pound coin. Cut out eight circles with a teacup and four collars for pies, about 20- 25cm by 5-6cm. Chill pastry in fridge.

ASSEMBLY: To build a pie, roll one of the collars to make a tube with the ends overlapping slightly, and stick them together with brushing of egg yolk. Stick one of the circles to the

bottom of the tube, forming a base, and using your thumb and finger lightly press the tube on to the circle of pastry. Bring out your filling and spoon it into the base until full. Make sure it is packed tight to prevent large air pockets from forming. A second circle of pastry is used to form lid. Make sure the side you are sticking is brushed with egg to create a tight seal. Repeat process until you run out of filling. Egg wash all the pies and pierce the top to let any steam out. Bake until golden and cooked through – for around 30 to 40mins. Recipe serves four to eight.

Other activities can also be added to events to raise extra funds, such as raffles.

* Visit Pie and Peas Up to register.

Do you have a plan for an outlandish or novel supper? Email richard.blackledge@thestar.co.uk with ideas.