Railway stations in Sheffield and Doncaster to receive over £100,000 to install more cycle spaces

Railway stations in Sheffield and Doncaster are set to receive over £100,000 from the Government to install more cycle spaces in a bid to encourage more commuters to use a bike for the first part of their journey.

Sunday, 16th June 2019, 11:09 am
Meadowhall Interchange railway station.

The Department of Transport is set to award Meadowhall railway station £95,000 and Doncaster railway station £19,000 for the new cycle spaces. 

This forms part of a £6.8million Government programme, through which they hope to create an extra 2,300 cycle stations at 48 stations across England - enabling commuters to cycle directly to the station and lock up their bike securely. 

Doncaster railway station

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Cycling and Walking Minister Michael Ellis, said: “Cycling to your nearest station and catching a train to work is a great way to keep healthy, reduce emissions and help make our towns and cities vibrant places to live.

“But to make this a reality, I know that the right infrastructure needs to be in place. This latest investment will see many more stations become accessible for cyclists, so that greener travel options – whether as part of a longer or shorter journey - become the norm.”

The North of England is set to receive £700,000 as part of the programme. 

North of England will receive over £700,000 as part of a wider Government drive to encourage more active travel.

Passengers at 48 stations across England will benefit from 2,300 extra cycle spaces, making it easier to commute by bike.

New investment takes total spending in the Cycle Rail programme over £40 million.

Thousands of rail commuters in the North of England will be able to make cycling a seamless part of their journeys thanks to a £6.8 million Government investment.

Cycling and Walking Minister Michael Ellis has today announced that 2,300 extra cycle spaces will be built at 48 stations across England - enabling commuters to cycle directly to the station and lock up their bike securely.

The investment is part of the Cycle Rail Programme, which has now been backed by over £40 million from the DoT and has helped tens of thousands of cyclists to make their journeys to work more joined up and sustainable.

 The Cycle Rail programme has already tripled the number of cycle parking spaces at more than 500 stations, bringing the total to over 80,000.  

Xavier Brice, CEO for Sustrans, the walking and cycling charity, said: “Walking and cycling should be the easiest way for everyone to get to their local station, making our towns and cities better places to live by reducing congestion and air pollution, and improving our physical and mental health. But it’s not always easy.

“Train operators and their partners have come up with a range of schemes that will make it easier for people to get to and from their station under their own power, which we hope will encourage more people to choose cycling and walking as part of their everyday journey.”

Phillip Darnton, Chair of the Cycle Rail Working Group, said:

“This latest, most welcome grant to the Cycle Rail Working Group continues the Department for Transport’s successful funding programme which, over the last five years, has directly led to the number of trips to and from stations by bike more than doubling.

“This cost-effective investment really does work.”