Raider’s CSI-style crime scene suit

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A ROBBER dressed in a white CSI-style crime scene suit is being hunted after raids on gaming machines at pubs and licensed premises.

Burglaries have taken place over the past few weeks in Doncaster’s town centre and suburbs.

The latest target was the Hayes amusement arcade in The Colonnades, whose owners are now asking for extra night-time police patrols in the town centre.

Police are studying CCTV footage - which shows a man wearing what appears to be a white ‘crime scene’ suit with a hood - walking through the mall moments before the Hayes alarm system was triggered when a window was smashed.

Other premises which have had one-armed bandits broken into in recent weeks include The Doncaster Dome, a bowling alley and cinema at the leisure park, and three pubs.

Hayes arcade boss Charles Hayes Junior said the burglar had forced six of their machines, but declined to say how much cash was stolen. The burglary took place just after 2am on Tuesday and the broken window has cost £800.

“This chap was wearing a white CSI-type suit and carried a rucksack so I’m sure he would have aroused suspicion if a police officer had seen him,” he said. “He was also wearing black gloves and obviously came well prepared. He had just broken into the a card shop and walked straight to our premises. He was very brazen.”

“It is the first time we’ve been broken into at these premises but I understand other shops have been broken into.”

South Yorkshire Police say they are examining CCTV footage.