Radio Sheffield presenter's condition improves after Benidorm attack

Jimmy Carol is in hospital in Alicante
Jimmy Carol is in hospital in Alicante

Former BBC Radio Sheffield presenter Jimmy Carol is now semi-conscious in hospital after being left fighting for life following an attack in Benidorm.

The 63-year-old was placed on a life support machine after suffering a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain when he was knocked to the ground after being punched.

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It is believed that the popular entertainer, who was working as a stand up comedian in the Spanish holiday resort, was attacked when he stepped in to help a woman who he believed was being harassed by a group of men.

It is now suspected that Jimmy, from Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire, may have intervened in a 'domestic' incident.

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Earlier this week his family said 'a miracle' is needed if he is to survive but last night his son James Everall said there had been a 'significant development' in his condition.

Posting on Facebook, he said "I'm thrilled to announce that this afternoon my dad brought himself out of his coma and is now semi-conscious.

"He is opening his eyes, responding to small commands, is becoming aware of who is speaking (he seemed to know it was me) and can hear (if you raise your voice). Remember he is partially deaf.

"He moved his right leg to a 45 degree angle and he had a tear in his eye when he realised I was with him and when I was telling him a story. Incredible."

He added: "He is no longer fully dependant on the life support machine and is now only partially supported by it. Over the next few days we will look to reduce this bit by bit.

"He is in a lot of pain and as the sedative has worn off he is becoming more aware of this, and so he remains in a critical condition as he is incredibly fragile right now.

"He still had an incredibly long, long way to go and we have been advised to expect slow progress but these past few days he has been making amazing progress.

"My brother, Daniel, and I are ecstatic. He is and has been fighting and whilst we still won’t have a full picture of what lies ahead in the future, he is getting better and stronger each day.

"All of the prayers are working."

A reward of £20,000 is available for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the man who attacked and left Jimmy for dead between 11.50pm on Tuesday, July 3 and 12.30am on Wednesday, July 4.

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