Race organisers have done decent thing stepping down

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So two and a half months after the race that never was, the committee seem to have done the decent thing and decided to step down from organising the race again.

It’s obviously not the way the committee would have wanted to end their time organising the race, but it’s the right decision. It’s certainly given the race a half chance of surviving into 2015.

People from Sheffield are genuine when it comes to supporting events like the SHM and if problems come around people try to be fully understanding of any situation which can occur which could lead to the race being cancelled. I’ve yet to come across anyone who has called upon or wanted the committee to resign say that they hope the race dies. People want the race to survive.

It’s the way things have gone since which has led to the calls of many for the organisers to pack it in.

Initial refusals to refund runners in the first instance, (who are just as blameless as the charities), a repeated washing of hands of any sort of blame, and then the final way in which refunds were offered has angered people the most.

I agree with all those who have said that any abuse of the race officials and committee is unacceptable. No matter how bad things have been run, how bad people feel that they have been treated, abusive messages and emails are not acceptable in any circumstance.

However, just as unacceptable is abuse of any runner who has elected to take up the option of a refund. No runner should have felt pressured or guilt-tripped into refusing the refund. It’s a decision for the runner alone to make.

People lost confidence in the committee after seemingly mistake after mistake, and if people don’t have confidence in a organising committee why would you pay £24 to enter a race which you didn’t think would be organised properly.

Matthew Lowson