QUIZ: Drink Beer Day brand awareness ... what's yours?

Drink Beer Day
Drink Beer Day
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Today ale aficionados around the world are set to buy a round to celebrate Drink Beer Day.

Some of us elbow benders don't need a special day to charge a foaming tankard to toast giggle gargle. Indeed, derivation of a particular day to mark malt barley yeast feast is tellingly lost in time ... and doubtless hoppy hangovers! No matter, here's an old and new brew brand awareness quiz for a product that factors in top ten everyday ad slogans in shape of chart-topper Guinness's "Good things come to those who wait" award-winning favorite commercial (reprised here), fifth placed Bud's watchword "Wassssuuuuupppp?" and tenth spot "Probably the best in the world" catchphrase care of Carlsberg. Beer we go ...