QUIZ: Are you Christmas party popper or pooper?

Party popper or pooper?Party popper or pooper?
Party popper or pooper?
As health experts recommend festive office parties be scrapped for booze-free bonding, we ask what type of party animal are you?

Charity research suggests staff celebrations (illustrated here by Jennifer Aniston's recently released Office Christmas Party movie trailer) can be both dangerous and embarrassing with estimated 200,000 revelers (you know who you are!) nursing work hangovers next day. But, if you consider their claims killjoy party pooping and prefer party popping, try our timely quiz. Stock cupboard kissing, dissing your boss and photocopying your bottom is entirely optional.

As Dave Roberts, of Alcohol Information Partnership, says: “The traditional workplace Christmas bash is often an event when one or two drinks can help lubricate the atmosphere, generate conviviality and enable the chap from accounts (we know who we are!) to chat with a colleague from the second floor.

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“These parties can be great fun as long as people remember not to go too far, respect boundaries and don’t drink and drive. I am not sure many employers, holding a Christmas bash of any sort, expect the next day to be most productive on record.”

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