Quitting a good use of resource

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STOPPING smoking must make sense because quitting leaves you healthier and wealthier.

Or so you would think, but few things in life are black and white.

Which is why the habit continues to hook so many people.

And that is why the Stop Smoking in Pregnancy Team exists at Jessop Hospital in Sheffield. Mums-to-be appear to have every incentive to quit, but it’s not always easy.

Beating an addiction to nicotine often requires support and this dedicated team helped 183 pregnant smokers quit, along with 22 of their partners.

Advisors provided practical help and advice would-be quitters needed. And their efforts were so impressive that they earned them an award from the British Journal of Midwifery.

Congratulations to all involved - this has been a good use of NHS resources which deserves our support.

Significant step to our new market

ONE more hurdle has been cleared on the over-long and tortuous road to establishing a new market in Sheffield.

But we feel that this latest step, in achieving approval from a city planning board, is a significant milestone in this much over-due project.

The current markets are in a sorry state and the delays which have been experienced in building a replacement, on the Moor, shows a poor appreciation of the troubles experienced by the hard working traders who have kept a vital part of Sheffield’s economy alive despite major obstacles.

We trust that this latest move means that the schedule, which should see work begin next year, is a genuine pledge for progress.

Sheffield people need their market and certainly deserve better than the conditions which they are presently expected to endure.

Meaning business

SHEFFIELD means business. We know that and we are delighted to spread the message far and wide. For we are proud to sponsor the Star Business Awards which will be a glittering occasion to showcase the best of our region’s economic powerhouses.

Designed to recognise and celebrate the successes of the whole of the business community within the Sheffield City Region, the awards will highlight the hard work and achievement of companies and individuals who are thriving in what some consider to be particularly tough trading times.

A total of 14 awards are up for grabs offering chance for just about every business to step forward and grab its share of the limelight. And there is still chance to share the glory. So businesses should take this chance to share their success story with others.