Quite disgusted

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I was quite disgusted when I read in the Star that the problems in Page Hall are going to be solved by building floodlit football pitches, to get people off the streets.

What about everyone else in Sheffield? They behave themselves and are given nothing.

I have travelled through Page Hall on the bus and seen people hanging around the shops and on the street corners.

We are told that these people come across here and work.

Judging from the crowds that gather in the morning and are still there in the evening, they must work very strange hours.

They may do that in their home country but they are not in their home country any more.

They are here and need to be told to disperse from the shops just like many other youths are told to in the city.

Or is it a case that the police are frightened to death that they will be labelled racist?

Many times I have travelled through Ellesmere Green and been stuck on the bus because people have double parked.

Once an ambulance was trying to get to an emergency, and was stuck there because of the parking.

The ambulance driver had his siren going, but most of the drivers just looked up from their papers, shrugged their shoulders and carried on reading.

Also the worshippers at the nearby mosque regularly sit on the pavement to pray on a Friday, often in several rows right up to the busy roadside. People are forced to walk on the road to get passed.

I have heard several people say that if worshippers at the cathedral spewed on to the pavement and the tram stop platform, that the police would move them on.

I even hear many people say that we have the wrong coloured skin, and that is why we wouldn’t get away with such things.

I’m afraid that I often agree with these people. I am not racist by any means, but no doubt some people will probably think I am after this letter.

I was led to believe that racism is being judged or told off, because of your skin colour or nationality.

In most of the situations that I have described, these people weren’t told off and that was because of their skin colour.

Doesn’t sound much like racism to me.