Quiet shift for volunteer firefighters in South Yorkshire

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Volunteer firefighters covering for striking crews across South Yorkshire yesterday morning did not have any call-outs.

Fire Brigade Union members walked out between 6am and 8pm in an ongoing dispute with the Government over changes to pension schemes and the lack of jobs for aging firefighters to move into once they are deemed no longer fit for frontline duties.

Volunteers who have been given basic firefighting training were also due to cover for them in a second strike between 5pm and 7pm yesterday.

They are also due to walk out during the same time slots today and every day up to an including Saturday, once on Sunday and twice again next Monday.

On Sunday night 45 firefighters were called out to deal with a blaze at a waste management firm in Rotherham.

The fire at Ron Hull Limited on Mangham Way was discovered at 11.15pm on Sunday.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is now under way.