Questioning the dangers of fracking

Fracking signs in Marsh LaneFracking signs in Marsh Lane
Fracking signs in Marsh Lane
Amanda Caley

Marsh Lane

I read with interest the two articles about FRACKING.

I attended the meeting that Jeremy Corbyn spoke at, and like many voiced his concerns of the dangers of fracking.

He promised us when Labour wins the next general election they will ban fracking.  However Conservative Councillor Barry Lewis said he needs to question Jeremy Corbyn promise.

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Well ALL I can say is why aren't you questioning the dangers of fracking?

It is something we all need to question because people's life's, homes, water and environment are in real danger of being ruined.

This isn't a game of words.

INEOS has been granted permission to explore for shale gas, (next step FRACKING), in Marsh Lane, on the edge of Sheffield.

Well don't be fooled into thinking, great this will bring our fuels bills down because it won't.

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INEOS will use any shale gas found to be used in the making of plastics in their Grangemouth company! So leading onto the next article connected to anti FRACKING was the three men, one from Sheffield, locked up in prison for protecting the environment with a protest in Lancashire, they were freed from prison from the excessively heavy sentences which were given out by a judge who has family links to the oil and gas industry.

You just couldn't make it up. By the way the conservative MP Lee Rowley for Marsh Lane agrees Fracking shouldn't happen in this area, so if you can't be bothered about standing up against fracking do it for your children and their future.