Quartet bidding for Sheffield Council Woodhouse seat

Woodhouse ward candidates, from left, John Grant (Green Party), Labour's Ray Satur, and Lewis Sinclair of UKIP.
Woodhouse ward candidates, from left, John Grant (Green Party), Labour's Ray Satur, and Lewis Sinclair of UKIP.
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Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 22, to choose new members for Sheffield Council, including a new representative for Woodhouse ward.

Four candidates are vying to join existing ward members. Coun Mick Rooney and Coun Jackie Satur

The candidates are:

LESLIE ABRAHAMS, of Meetinghouse Lane, Woodhouse – Liberal Democrat

Mr Abrahams said: “Liberal Democrats in Government have delivered more than £1 billion to improve Sheffield’s roads. For a city that was long-known as ‘pot-hole city’ that’s a massive step forward and something that never happened during 13 years of Labour Government. I think it’s important we shout out about the good things the Government are doing to help build a stronger economy in Sheffield.”

JOHN GRANT, of Handsworth Grange Road, Handsworth – Green Party

The married father-of-two, who has lived in Handsworth for more than 10 years, is a senior lecturer in sustainable planning and development at Sheffield Hallam University. He said: “I was a member of Handsworth Community Forum and losing it a year ago was a real blow. It’s funding issues were directly related to the damaging austerity policies of the coalition government. It had close relations with the police, monitoring the challenges facing the area and offering practical solutions. Cuts mean the loss of support organisations for the poorest and most vulnerable. It puts the burden directly on councillors to support many struggling households. I know that needs to be my main priority if you elect me.”

RAY SATUR, of Twitchill Drive, Woodhouse – Labour

The 59-year-old lifelong learning project worker, who has worked in the transport industry for 35 years, said: “I wish to continue representing Labour and working with the community I have represented for more than 19 years. I have the privilege of being chairman of governors at Brunswick Community Primary School and to work alongside some of the most committed and effective community organisations in Sheffield – organisations with people that deliver services bring in resources and expertise to benefit all those who live in the Handsworth and Woodhouse area of Sheffield. If re-elected to Sheffield Council, I will continue to speak up loudly for this community and for the people of Sheffield.”

LEWIS SINCLAIR, of Priory Road, Sharrow – UKIP

Mr Sinclair said: “As someone who has experienced unemployment, I understand Sheffield’s harsh job market firsthand; one that makes it difficult for anyone, particularly in my generation, to find secure employment. Unlike our current host of politicians, I know exactly the strain rising living costs have on people across Britain. I joined UKIP because I feel it is the only party which represents the people of Britain, the only party that believes we should govern ourselves as a nation and the only party that believes local issues should be decided by local people. UKIP is the only party offering genuine solutions to the problems our country faces and I am proud be standing for them.”

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