Q&A: Sheffield boxing promoter Dennis Hobson offers £10,000 to Adam Etches to fight Lewis Taylor

Lewis Taylor vs Harry Matthews
Lewis Taylor vs Harry Matthews
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Adam Etches versus Lewis Taylor would be a terrific clash between two unbeaten prospects, and a great fight for Sheffield. Will it ever happen?

Tell you what, I’ll offer Adam Etches £10,000 to fight Lewis, and we’ll get some title on the line for it, make it a meaningful fight, 10 or 12 rounds. Let’s make it happen! Whoever loses it won’t be the end of their career. It’s alright being undefeated and beating, with all due respect, sub-standard kids. Adam: how about testing yourself against another undefeated kid who believes they can go to the top too? I’ll offer Adam £10,000 now, that’s not to be sniffed at, and if he wins he goes on to a lot more money. I believe in Lewis and this would be a great local fight!

Dennis Hobson

Dennis Hobson

Sheffield boxer Jerome Wilson was seriously injured last month. Does that sort of thing ever make you consider your role in the sport?

Whenever there’s a serious injury in boxing it gets major publicity but if you look at the stats there are more dangerous sports. Some people don’t understand, they think it’s a brutal sport. But it isn’t, it’s a skill and an art.

Of course you’ve got trained athletes going into combat, but if you take horse riding, or motor cycle racing, or Formula One, statistically there are more fatalities and injuries than in boxing.

The good that boxing does far outweighs the bad. It teaches kids self-discipline. When I walk in my gym, no matter what colour I am, how much money I’ve got, or what walk of life I’m from, we’re all on the same level.

And if every kid were taught to box we’d be living in a much healthier and more positive society. Going back to Jerome, he’s an absolute gentleman and it’s great to see a lovely kid like him on his way to a full recovery.

Kell Brook recently survived a serious stabbing incident while on holiday in Tenerife. How difficult will it be for him to get back into the sport?

I think Kell will find boxing is his haven. It’s his safety place, it’s his stage and he’s in control. I think what’s happened will give him more focus, but he’ll probably want to go to Butlins or Skegness for his holidays from now on!

Hopefully it’ll have a long-term positive effect. He’s got status because he’s a world champion; maybe some who hang around him might have a good time but they’ll never achieve what he has. He can party after his career, but he should focus on his career and making himself financially secure for the rest of his life. And he probably will do after this incident.